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Stepper Motor Calculator

A stepper motor calculator is a simple online tool that allows one to figure out the maximum power, minimum time per step, and the maximum speed of a stepper motor. After I know the current, inductance, voltage, and steps per revolution, then I can automatically calculate the motor’s speed, time, and power.


Amps (A)
milliHenry (mH)
Volts (V)



Stepper motors move in discrete steps and run on direct current. All electric motors run on magnetism. With a stepper motor, the magnets that power the motor are charged one at a time, in steps known as stages.

This allows for very fine control of the amount of motion the motor should make. With a computer-controlled stepper motor, one can ensure that the engine only turns an exact number of times. A typical stepper motor will move 15 degrees for every pulse of electricity the motor receives.

How can one calculate the maximum speed of a stepper motor?

Calculating the maximum speed of a stepper motor from other information requires some not very complicated math. The max speed of such a motor is V / 2LImaxspr. V is voltage, which increases the maximum speed. LImax is maximum current, L = the induction of the stepper motor, and SPR = the number of steps per revolution.

Where are stepper motors used?

Different types of stepper motors are used in different industries. Stepper motors have always had a role to play in electronic technology. Disk drives since the days of floppy disks have used stepper motors.

Today, the zoom function of a digital camera requires a stepper motor. Life-saving medical equipment can require a stepper motor to work properly. For example, a pacemaker requires a stepper motor.

Dental tools also include stepper motors. The security industry also uses stepper motors.

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