Elegoo Uno vs Arduino Uno – Which is better?

elegoo vs arduino

The STEM fields, Arduino and Elegoo have become increasingly more popular in recent years, with children now being quite interested in them from a young age. This is especially true for electronics, with people now wanting to know as much as possible about it.

Much of this focuses on learning the intricacies of certain electronics and, by extension, robotics. While much of this can be done in college and university, many of us might wonder how we could get out children more interested in it.

There are quite a few ways to learn more about electronics, although few of these may be appropriate for beginners and children. However, there are still quite a few starter kits on the market to choose from, many of which could be well recommended for anybody who’s new to the area.

This doesn’t mean that finding the right ones will be easy, though. With the large number of electronics starter kits on the market, many of us might have difficulty choosing between them. Picking the best starter kit can often be vital for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps the largest of these is that they can be much more useful teaching aids while also helping to spark an interest among newcomers to the niche. As such, many people might find the decision between which ones to buy quite overwhelming.

However, this might not have to be the case, as there are a few, in particular, that stand out from the rest. The more prominent of these are the Elegoo and Arduino starter kits. These have been well-known names in the area for quite some time.

While they can both come well-recommended, they might be more effective in different ways. As such, it could be tricky to choose either one. This should mean that many of us will want to know the differences between Elegoo and Arduino. They both shine in various ways and could be quite appropriate for many people.

What Are Starter Kits?

Many people may be curious as to what an electronics start kit actually is. Typically, this is a basic form of what you can expect to see in most electronics equipment. These are usually used to give people a grasp of the principals that are used in the area.

As such, they could be seen as an introductory teaching aid for people who don’t have much experience in the field. There can be a variety of components included in a starter kit, with this ranging significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

However, there are a few things that you should be able to expect from the set. Some of the more common of these include instructions, wiring, circuit boards, and much more. Depending on the manufacturer, you might also expect:

  • Resistors;
  • Capacitors;
  • Diodes;
  • LEDS;
  • Batters and Clips, and;
  • Integrated Circuits, among others.

The above should be seen as somewhat of a baseline for what to expect in an electronics starter set. However, many manufacturers can include much more than this, with this depending on what you’re learning to make and much more.

This should mean that you could get a significant amount of components in your starter kit.

However, this still begs the question as to which electronics starter sets are better-recommended. Therefore, we made a comparison of Elegoo vs Arduino. As mentioned, Elegoo and Arduino have been popular for a significant amount of time.

While both have their benefits, they also have a few negatives. This should mean that you’ll need to spend a certain amount of time comparing them before making your decision.

Elegoo vs Arduino 2020

Elegoo Starter Kitover 100 components, 16 tutorials CD
Arduino Starter Kitover 100 components; 170 page project guide book
Geekcreitover 100 components
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Elegoo – Project Starter Kit

Elegoo Starter KitElegoo capitalized on the success of some previous options to create an electronics starter kit of its own. Initially developed as an Arduino copy, the company has since gone on to create a variety of devices of its own, such as microcontrollers and others.

Since then, it’s continued to become increasingly more popular, with much of this being driven by the various features that it offers.

The firm’s starter sets come with quite a significant number of components, with this seemingly being more than many of its alternatives. These are also of quite a high-quality, so it’s unlikely that they’re going to break anytime soon. As such, it’s possible that the set could be used for a significant amount of time.

Many people may wonder whether Elegoo would work with Arduino’s IDE. This looks to be the case, as Elegoo’s technology is based significantly on its competitor. As a result, there should be a certain amount of compatibility between the two options.

You might be wondering why you choose this starter set instead of a few others. One of the more notable reasons why is that it seems to be much more affordable than many of its competitors. However, this hasn’t meant that it compromises on quality, as this might be better than you may have anticipated.

As such, Elegoo is a recommended option for some potential buyers. This is primarily because it’s a effective way to start learning about the STEM fields in a relatively easy way.
  • Contains a significant number of components
  • Components are quite durable and are unlikely to break anytime soon
  • Only comes with CD-based instructions, which could be an issue

Arduino – Starter Kit Review

Arduino Starter KitArduino was established by a group of engineering students who initially started a research project on the niche. This was focused on helping people with no experience in using certain parts and teaching them easily. In the years since then, it’s grown significantly to become one of the more popular options on the market.

Throughout this time, it’s developed sets for both adults and children looking to learn more about the niche. As such, the Arduino starter kits have gone on to become quite well-known, as has even been copied by a variety of other firms.

One of the standout areas that the sets shine is that it features quite a comprehensive guide book and instructional manual. This might mean that most people shouldn’t have too much of an issue learning to use many of the components. Alongside this are a variety of tutorial videos that many people might find helpful.

The Arduino starter kit also includes quite a large number of components, which may be attractive to some potential buyers. As such, there could be quite a significant amount to learn from the set.

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider this set, with one of the more notable being the knowledge base that you’ll get access to. This is seen in an active community that regularly uploads tips and videos focused on several areas, which may be quite useful.

Arduino could be a recommended option if you’re looking for a comprehensive and detailed approach to learning about robotics and electronics.

  • Comes with a comprehensive guide book
  • Large number of high-quality components
  • Can build a large variety of projects
  • Can cost much more than many alternatives

Which Is The Best Starter Kit – Arduino or Elegoo?

Naturally, many of us will want to know whether the Arduino or Elegoo is the better option. Much of this could depend on what exactly you’re looking for in a starter set. The main reason for this is that both options offer a similar amount of quality, with there being virtually no difference in this regard.

As such, you might want to look at a few different factors with them, as they can both be better in various ways. It’s also quite beneficial considering the relatively minor difference in quality between the two options.

However, Arduino does shine in a few other ways, with one of the more prominent being that it’s a non-profit that focuses on teaching the STEM fields. This could mean that the instructions and educational materials that come with the set may be of a better quality than Elegoos.

While both manufacturers are still high-quality in this regard, Arduino seems to be somewhat more comprehensive. This could mean that they might be a better choice for anybody looking to learn about electronics and programming more seriously.

Both options offer a variety of learning materials to use, although Elegoos seems to only come in the form of CDs, although you might also be able to print off a PDF. Arduino, on the other hand, provides booklets, videos, and more to choose from.

This could mean that it might provide a somewhat better learning environment than its alternatives. Coupled with this is the fact that Arduino has quite an active community, which means that there’s a variety of tutorials and other videos uploaded somewhat regularly.

This might be helpful if you’re planning on learning as much as possible about electronics and programming. As such, Arduino could be the more comprehensive and better choice in this department.

Naturally, many of us will put emphasis on different factors ahead of others. However, for a more professional and detailed learning environment, Arduino may be the better-recommended option.

Recommended Alternative: Geekcreit

GeekcreitWhile both Arduino and Elegoo can be well-recommended options for many people, some might look for a few other alternatives. One that’s been gaining popularity recently has been Geekcreit, as it boasts a few notable benefits and features.

While this might not be as comprehensive as some other options, it does offer a certain amount of functionality that you might find appealing.

This could be seen in the components that are included in the kit, which should be quite durable and long-lasting. As such, they may be used to create a variety of projects relatively quickly.

These also seem to be somewhat durable, so you mightn’t have to worry about breaking them too easily. Coupled with this is that the instructions that come with the Geekcreit set could be somewhat easier to understand than some other options.

As such, this could be a recommended option if you’re looking for a more basic approach to learning about the STEM fields. However, it could be seen as a more entry-level way of learning, so it may be recommended that you upgrade to another kit in the future.

  • Quite easy to understand and learn with
  • Components are quite durable
  • Can be used to create several projects with relative ease
  • Less components than some alternatives

Elegoo vs Arduino – Buyer’s Guide

Naturally, many of us may have a variety of questions about the Elegoo and Arduino starter sets that a typical review might not always answer. However, these can often be just as vital to making sure that we make the right choice.

There are a few common questions that many people tend to have when comparing Elegoo and Arduino starter sets.

Which Is Better For Robotics?

Choosing which of the Elegoo and Arduino sets could be somewhat difficult for many people, especially considering that they’re of a somewhat similar quality. However, if you look beyond what’s just included in the set, making the decision could be somewhat simpler than you might have thought.

The main reason for this is that Arduino sets typically come with much more support and educational materials than Elegoo. This could mean that you might be able to learn much more about robotics and electronics than you otherwise would have.

While much of this depends on how much time you spend learning about the niche, Arduino provides much more of an opportunity to do so. The majority of this is seen through an active support community that regularly uploads tutorials and helpful videos.

These could prove to be somewhat useful for anyone who is looking to get a more comprehensive understanding of robotics. As such, the Arduino starter set could be much more recommended.

Which Is Better For Beginners?

Elegoo may be the better choice for beginners, with this being for a few notable reasons.

You should still be able to take advantage of approximately the same number of components, each of which is of the same quality as Arduino. This could mean that it might be a better choice for beginners who are looking to simply learn a little bit about the niche.

It also means that it could be a suggested option for younger children. Choosing this option could mean that you’ll be able to determine how much of an interest your child has in it.


Both the Elegoo and Arduino starter sets offer quite a significant number of benefits, especially when compared to many other options on the market. However, which one may be right for you or your child may depend significantly on what you’re looking for.

This could mean that which one you decide to get will depend significantly on what you place more emphasis on. While the Arduino starter set can be much more child-friendly, Elegoo offers somewhat more versatility.

There’s also the fact that Arduino has been around for much longer than Elegoo, which has given the company much more time to improve their sets. However, this is also something that its competitors have been able to capitalize on, as they can often offer a similar type of quality.

As a result of this, both options can be well-recommended for a variety of reasons. This should mean that you’ll make a high-quality choice regardless of which of the options you choose. Both are well-made, entertaining, and show help to foster a much greater appreciation of the STEM fields.

They’re also quite durable, so you shouldn’t need to worry about much damage when you’re using them. The Elegoo and Arduino starter sets should be quite useful in learning more about electronics and programming, regardless of whether you’re a newcomer.

This should mean that you wouldn’t go wrong with either option while also having a fun, yet informative time.

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