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  • Photo of RMS Voltage Calculator

    RMS Voltage Calculator

    An online calculator can convert other measures of AC voltage into RMS. Input Peak Voltage (Vp) Peak-to-Peak Voltage (Vpp) Average Voltage (Vavg) Volts (V)     Output RMS Voltage(Vrms) Volts (V) How do you calculate RMS Voltage? RMS voltage stands for root mean square voltage. It is a measure of direct rather than alternating current. Direct current is easy to…

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  • Photo of Stepper Motor Calculator

    Stepper Motor Calculator

    A stepper motor calculator is a simple online tool that allows one to figure out the maximum power, minimum time per step, and the maximum speed of a stepper motor. After I know the current, inductance, voltage, and steps per revolution, then I can automatically calculate the motor’s speed, time, and power. Inputs Current (Imax) Amps (A) Inductance (L) milliHenry…

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  • Photo of Capacitor Impedance Calculator

    Capacitor Impedance Calculator

    A capacitor impedance calculator allows one to figure out the reactance of a capacitor given other information Inputs Capacitance microfarad (µF) F (F) nanofarad (nF) picofarad (pF) Frequency Hz kHz MHz GHz     Output Capacitor Impedance Ω What is a capacitor impedance calculator for? Engineers, electricians, and hobbyists use capacitor impedance calculators. These calculators are online mathematical tools that…

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  • Photo of Parallel Resistance Calculator

    Parallel Resistance Calculator

    The uses of parallel resistance calculators Number of resistors:   Parallel Resistance in Circuit: Om If current passes through multiple resistors, I cannot merely add up the resistance or go by the strength of the strongest resistor. A formula must be used to calculate the total resistance of this series of resistors. A parallel resistance calculator allows me to figure…

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  • Photo of Resistor Color Code Calculator

    Resistor Color Code Calculator

    This calculator used to reading resistor color code information with 4 or 5 bands. Click on the colors printed to your resistor and the calculated value and tolerance will be displayed. Number of Bands: 4 band 5 band     1.0 KΩ ± 2%                     1st band1st 2nd band2nd MultiplierMultiplier Tolerance Silver…

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