• Photo of Elegoo Uno vs Arduino Uno – Which is better?

    Elegoo Uno vs Arduino Uno – Which is better?

    The STEM fields, Arduino and Elegoo have become increasingly more popular in recent years, with children now being quite interested in them from a young age. This is especially true for electronics, with people now wanting to know as much as possible about it. Much of this focuses on learning the intricacies of certain electronics and, by extension, robotics. While…

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  • Photo of Teensy vs Arduino — Which is the Best?

    Teensy vs Arduino — Which is the Best?

    In the world of circuitry, there are a multitude of programming devices to choose from. Each one serves a slightly different purpose and is ideal for a slightly different niche. There are quite a few well-known device names. Today, we’ll be looking at the theme “Teensy vs Arduino” and asking what purpose each serves best and which is, ultimately, the…

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  • Photo of Arduino Mega vs Uno — Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

    Arduino Mega vs Uno — Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

    You are in your first semester of engineering school. Your instructor introduces the subject of electronics to the class. She does a good job explain the topic, but you want to get some hands-on training to re-enforce the discussion. Where do you start? This article will compare two of the most popular micro-controller boards in the world: Arduino Mega and…

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  • Photo of Esp32 vs Esp8266 — Buyer’s Guide

    Esp32 vs Esp8266 — Buyer’s Guide

    If you are interesting in computer hardware and are keen on coming out with our own products for end-used or even if you are an experienced person, then you have many reasons to find this article interesting and informative. We will get started by understanding something about ESP32. This is a development board that is useful for students and others…

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  • Photo of Best Arduino Board – Buying Guide 2020

    Best Arduino Board – Buying Guide 2020

    Are you planning to make interactive projects using computers that are away from the ordinary? If the answer is yes, then it makes a lot of sense to go through this article. We need complex electronic circuit boards to make computers that are capable of interacting with various environments and situations. Find the best Arduino Board for Beginners. Best Arduino…

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  • Photo of Best Breadboard – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

    Best Breadboard – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

    When it comes to picking the right parts for circuitry, there is no place better to start than with your best breadboard. It is one of the most essential parts, allowing you to create circuits without needing to solder anything. This is something important both to those just getting started with circuitry and to experienced individuals looking to make a…

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  • Photo of RMS Voltage Calculator

    RMS Voltage Calculator

    An online calculator can convert other measures of AC voltage into RMS. Input Peak Voltage (Vp) Peak-to-Peak Voltage (Vpp) Average Voltage (Vavg) Volts (V)     Output RMS Voltage(Vrms) Volts (V) How do you calculate RMS Voltage? RMS voltage stands for root mean square voltage. It is a measure of direct rather than alternating current. Direct current is easy to…

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  • Photo of Stepper Motor Calculator

    Stepper Motor Calculator

    A stepper motor calculator is a simple online tool that allows one to figure out the maximum power, minimum time per step, and the maximum speed of a stepper motor. After I know the current, inductance, voltage, and steps per revolution, then I can automatically calculate the motor’s speed, time, and power. Inputs Current (Imax) Amps (A) Inductance (L) milliHenry…

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  • Photo of Capacitor Impedance Calculator

    Capacitor Impedance Calculator

    A capacitor impedance calculator allows one to figure out the reactance of a capacitor given other information Inputs Capacitance microfarad (µF) F (F) nanofarad (nF) picofarad (pF) Frequency Hz kHz MHz GHz     Output Capacitor Impedance Ω What is a capacitor impedance calculator for? Engineers, electricians, and hobbyists use capacitor impedance calculators. These calculators are online mathematical tools that…

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  • Photo of Parallel Resistance Calculator

    Parallel Resistance Calculator

    The uses of parallel resistance calculators Number of resistors:   Parallel Resistance in Circuit: Om If current passes through multiple resistors, I cannot merely add up the resistance or go by the strength of the strongest resistor. A formula must be used to calculate the total resistance of this series of resistors. A parallel resistance calculator allows me to figure…

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